Business plan of the bank

Business plan for 2023


The Bank's business plan sets out short-term objectives identified by senior management and is being adopted with a view to achieving these objectives in 2023. This document establishes the responsibility of the heads of branches, CBU and structural divisions of the Bank for achieving the planned results.  


     1.1. Goals and objectives of the Bank for 2023

The main goal of the Bank for 2023 is to maximize the profitability and value of investments of the Bank's shareholders by providing high-quality banking services to private and corporate clients based on the introduction of modern technological banking products and expanding cooperation with international financial institutions. 

The main tasks of the Bank in 2023 are:

     I. Improving the efficiency of the Bank:

1) Further optimization of the Bank's activities through an in-depth analysis of the business processes being performed, describing the business processes "as needed", conducting their functional cost analysis using the appropriate software. Standardization of existing and development of a methodology for new banking business processes for the subsequent implementation of automation of these processes using modern information technologies.
2) Improving the Bank's information technology system by collecting and analyzing information on modern banking technologies that improve the efficiency and automation of business processes, including the credit process, customer relationships and customer service, cost and profitability management, budgeting, planning and financial reporting consolidation. Strengthening the material and technical base by replacing/repairing existing equipment and purchasing new equipment.
3) Introduction of international accounting and reporting standards into the Bank's accounting system.
4) Creation of a personnel management system that stimulates the involvement of highly qualified specialists and the enhancement of the Bank's personnel potential.
5) Implementation of a system for evaluating the effectiveness of the Bank's activities, including the evaluation of management bodies, structural divisions and employees of the Bank through the full implementation of a system of key performance indicators (KPI) and the development of a new system of remuneration and motivation on this basis.
6) Improvement of the corporate governance system by organizing the effective work of the Council and the Management Board of the Bank, as well as their committees. Implementation of the provisions and policies approved by the Bank aimed at implementing effective corporate governance, building a system of control and coordination of the activities of executive bodies.

     1.2. Market position of the Bank

The measures taken since the beginning of this year have made it possible to maintain the sustainability of economic growth and macroeconomic stability in the country despite the ongoing global crisis and ongoing instability in international markets. A successfully implemented program of reforming the economy, including ensuring reliable protection of private property, increasing its share and importance in the economy, introducing modern methods of corporate governance, modernizing and diversifying production, localizing the production of finished products, developing engineering, communications and road transport infrastructure, reducing energy intensity and the introduction of energy-saving technologies in the sectors of the economy and the social sphere, contributed to the strengthening of structural transformations and diversification
Based on the achieved position, the Bank determines its strengths and weaknesses, which, in turn, determine the opportunities and risks that the Bank will face in the competition for gaining market advantage.

     1.3. Expected performance of the Bank in 2023

Because the likelihood that the results obtained by the Bank will meet the forecast parameters depends on many factors beyond the control of the Bank, the Bank's goals for volumes of operations and profitability may be modified. In the event of unforeseen changes in the economic situation, the current business model of the Bank will be reviewed in order to reduce the negative impact. However, the Bank will seek to maximize the use of positive trends in the market and economic environment.


The planned increase in the volume of transactions and the number of services offered by the Bank to customers in 2023, as well as improving their quality, necessitates the creation of an appropriate infrastructure that meets the needs of customers and the market.

     2.1. Increasing the Bank's presence in the regions

In the first half of 2023, a marketing analysis will be carried out, the results of which will form the geography of the CBU. The main services are planned to be provided in the field of preparing standard packages of documents for obtaining micro loans, consumer loans, micro loans, loans to small businesses, as well as opening and servicing plastic cards.


     3.1. Measures to increase the Bank's capital

The increase in the Bank's capital in 2023 will be made at the expense of capitalization of net profit in 2022.
In order to further improve the financial stability and reliability of the banking system of Uzbekistan, on May 6, 2015, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2344 “On measures to further improve the financial stability of commercial banks and develop their resource base” was signed. The forecasted adequacy ratios of the Bank's regulatory capital and Tier 1 capital at the end of 2023 will be 16.94% (against a standard of 13%) and 12.70% (against a standard of 10.0%).
In 2023, the main priorities in the formation of the Bank's resource base are to increase the volume of raising funds while lengthening the terms of raising, reducing the total cost and optimizing the structure of attracted resources.


     4.1. Lending

4.1.1 The Bank actively provides lending services, the portfolio of loans issued is fairly well diversified, the risk profile of the loan portfolio is stable and meets regulatory parameters. Priority in lending will be given to enterprises producing high value-added products, as well as export-oriented enterprises. In 2023, it is planned to increase the share of micro loans, as well as loans to small businesses and private entrepreneurship.
4.1.2 In 2023, the Bank plans to place funds on the interbank market for a period of 1 to 3 months in order to reduce the cost of financing current payments and more efficiently use the balances of customer funds on the Bank's accounts. High liquidity and reliability indicators provide the Bank with a competitive advantage in the interbank market and allow the use of funds placement tools for pursuing a balanced liquidity and profitability policy.

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