Strategy of development


   Strategic Goals and Priorities

   The strategic goal of the bank is to become an embodiment of transparency, stability, reliability and high quality of service, to achieve a strong position in the banking services market as a universal and stable financial institution with a developed sales network and a balanced line of products and services.

   To achieve these goals, the Bank intends to solve the following priority tasks:

   1) Sustainable growth. The Bank aims to increase its presence in the banking market with a balanced diversified growth plan, with an emphasis on the small and retail business segment and the expansion of regional services.

   2) Strengthening competitive positions. The Bank plans to strengthen competitive advantages through the effective use of internal and external resources to attract customers, improve products and improve the quality of service.

    3) Increasing the capitalization of the Bank. The Bank will strive to meet the increasing regulatory requirements for the Bank’s capital through a dividend policy, in particular the use of dividend capitalization.

    4) Improving the profitability of the business. The Bank plans to increase revenue through cross-selling and increasing the effectiveness of existing sales channels by switching to remote customer service channels. Along with interest income, the Bank also plans to gradually increase the retail component in the structure of fee and commission income, which in the long run will allow the Bank to have a more balanced income structure and be more flexible in a changing economic environment.

   5) Maintaining asset quality at a high level. The Bank pays particular attention to the high quality of its loan portfolio. To this end, the Bank plans to use a conservative approach to risk assessment and improve the quality of loan monitoring. To minimize risks in the field of retail lending, the Bank plans to maximize its focus on lending to low-risk segments: Bank customers, employees of corporate clients and partners of the Bank, as well as customers with a good credit history.

   6) Cost control. The Bank plans to increase operational efficiency by optimizing operating expenses and increasing operating income, as well as further developing management and control systems.

   7) Ensuring transparency and corporate governance standards. The Bank is constantly working to improve the corporate governance system, taking into account the best international experience.

   8) Improving personnel policy. To strengthen human resources at all levels, the Bank plans to develop a human resources management system (search, selection, training, development, staff rotation and motivation).

   9) Increasing brand awareness. To strengthen the Bank’s competitive position in the field of retail and corporate lending, as well as to attract customer funds, it is necessary to increase brand awareness. The Bank’s brand positioning will be based on the quality of the services provided (speed, customer convenience), pricing (providing flexible conditions based on an individual approach), more active use of the Bank's logos and corporate identity.

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