Deposit «Overnight 8.0»
is not limited

Deposit term


Interest rate



5 billion soums

Minimum deposit amount

Term deposit

Deposit type

Deposit «Overnight 8.0»
Deposits are intended to attract funds from other bank customers for a short period of time.

Deposit currency In national currency
Type of deposit Term deposit
Minimum deposit

5 billion soums

Deposit term

Deposit is accepted for a night. For overnight deposits received the day before a weekend or holiday interest is calculated for those days as well

Deposit percentage 8% (based on supply and demand, interest rates can be determined by mutual agreement)
Interest payment Interest is calculated daily and paid on the day the deposit is returned

Calculate the profitability of the deposit

100 000 000 000 UZS
For a period of
120 month
8 %
Over 13 months I will accumulate 0 UZS
Average monthly interest amount 0 UZS

The calculation of the calculator is preliminary. You can find out the personal conditions after completing the application.

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