HUMO (Cobaging)

The size of the security deposit


Transaction fee for TSE

30 000 UZS

Initial registration of the card

HUMO (Cobaging)
Additional information The opening of salary plastic cards for the first time is free of charge. Payment using NFC technology.
Cost Opening a new card, reissue in case of loss, damage, expiration - 30,000 soums
Required documents An identity document, application for issuing a plastic card.
Time to open the card In 10 minutes.
The validity period of the card 3 years.
Commission for payment for goods and services: Non-cash payment in trade and service enterprises is a commission of - 0%,
Cash withdrawal from the card at Davr Bank's Humo ATMs is accompanied by a commission of - 0.5%;
To open a plastic card To open a plastic card, contact the staff of the nearest branch and provide them with your passport.
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