Visa Infinite
200 USD

The size of the security deposit

Is free

Transaction fee for TSE

200 000 UZS

Initial registration of the card

Visa Infinite
Additional information Non-deductible balance of 200 dollars, Customer Support Service (GSAC/Medicine/Travel), discounts on – 12%, discounts on AVIS – 20%, free visits to "LaungeKey" halls (6 times), travel insurance.
Cost 200 000 UZS
Required documents Identity document, statements.
Time to open the card One banking day.
The validity period of the card 3 years.
Commission for payment for goods and services: Non-cash payment in trade and service enterprises – commission 0.2%,
Cash withdrawals at ATMs – 0.2%,
Cash withdrawals at the cash desks of Davr Bank – 0.5%.
To open a plastic card To open a plastic card, contact the staff of the nearest branch with a passport.
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