Loan product «KREDIT KARTA ZERO»‎
Up to 12 months

Credit term

up to 25 mln. sums

Amount of credit

up to 1 hour

Loan disbursement time

Loan product «KREDIT KARTA ZERO»‎

Product name

Loan product «KREDIT KARTA ZERO»

Purpose of the loan

It is transferred to a bank card for the purchase of goods and services from all official partner stores or service enterprises of the bank on the basis of rassrochka installment plan.

Credit procedure.

Checkout is done online through Davr Mobile App and you can also make purchases through Davr Mobile.

Amount of credit

Up to 25 million

Credit term

Up to 12 months.

Loan interest rate



To make purchases for installment plan without collateral.

ico Purpose of the loan
To receive consumer goods in partner stores.
ico Documentation
Having a passport, a permanent job and income
ico Fair conditions
No hidden fees or charges - only optional
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How much do you need
25 000 000 UZS
0 %
Credit term
12 month
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