Term deposit «SHARQONA»
Monthly interest payment.
13 months

Deposit term

22% per annum

Interest rate



From 500 000 sums

Minimum deposit amount

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Term deposit «SHARQONA»
All deposits of the depositor are guaranteed by the Fund for Guaranteeing Citizens' Deposits in Banks.

- Additional funds on deposit - allowed.
- Partial withdrawal of the deposit - allowed.
- Early withdrawal of the deposit - allowed. In this case, for the remaining days the deposit will be charged at the rate of 22% per annum.
- Payment of interest on the deposit – is calculated from the day following the day of receipt of the deposit to the depositor's savings account, and is made on the day of the month corresponding to the date of receipt of the deposit in the deposit currency.

Calculate the profitability of the deposit

1 000 000 000 UZS
For a period of
13 month
22 %
Over 13 months I will accumulate 0 UZS
Average monthly interest amount 0 UZS

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