Davr Bank conducted a business training for entrepreneurs as part of the Women in Business program in Central Asia.


    Davr Bank together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation and IPC – Internationale Projekt Consult launched a comprehensive program in Uzbekistan “Women in Business” in Central Asia.
    As part of this program, on July 22 this year, a business training was held on the topic: "How to promote a business in social networks."


    The speaker of the business training was a qualified specialist, Asadbek Nishonov, invited from the Proweb training center, which offers leading courses in the field of IT in Tashkent.
    During the event, the trainer shared his experience in the field of Digital marketing, topical issues were raised, in particular, Why does a business need a presence on the Internet? How to create and design business accounts in social networks? How to communicate with the audience and position yourself in social networks? Recall that Davr Bank is one of the first banks in Uzbekistan and Central Asia to join the comprehensive program "Women in Business" of the EBRD. The main mission of this project is to encourage and support women's entrepreneurial activities by providing financial, consulting and educational assistance.


    Davr Bank provides support for the Zamona service package for women entrepreneurs, which includes loan products such as Zamona Credit and Zamona Start, as well as non-credit services such as Davr New and Bepul tariffs, for business development and financing. In addition, clients can take advantage of tools and services to enhance their experience, such as workshops, events, business digitization information sessions, trainings and success stories.

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