Beware of scammers!
      Dear customers of Davr Bank, the number of FALSE sites created by FRAUDERS offering 10% online microloans on behalf of our Bank is increasing. Such sites ask you to enter your card details in order to apply for a microloan.

      We inform you that Davr Bank does not offer microloans from unofficial sources at such interest rates. You can apply for a microloan up to 50 million UZS online ONLY through the Davr Mobile application, as well as by contacting the employees of the bank's branches or by leaving an application on the official website of Davr Bank

      Also, the bank does not request any data on customer cards, since the approved microloan is transferred to the customer card opened using the Davr Bank application.

      In addition, in no case ENTER SMS codes received from the bank, scammers may ask you to enter this code to receive a loan or confirm your identity. The SMS code received from the bank is not intended to receive money, in fact, in almost all cases it is a code intended to debit your funds.

      We ask you to rely only on the sources presented on the official pages of the bank in social networks. Also, you can call 1284 to get detailed information about the bank's loan products and services.

      Be careful, dear customers!

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