How to recognize a scammer?

How to recognize a scammer: Remote access programs?

            What is a remote access program?
      The most famous programs are AnyDesk and TeamViewer. Such programs help another person to gain remote access to your computer or phone.


      Both programs are licensed and do not pose any danger. However, scammers can use them for harm, for their own selfish purposes.

            How does it work?
      To get remote access to your device, you need to install this program on it.
      Next, dictate to the person who wants to access the unique connection code generated by the program.
       It is impossible to connect to your device without a code. Fraudsters cannot intercept or steal the code.
      The only way is to convince the potential victim to dictate these numbers.

            How do fraudsters use such programs?
      Usually, scammers call victims and pretend to be bank employees. They convince the person that an attempt was made to make an international money transfer, withdraw funds, take out a loan, or perform another transaction from his card that the cardholder does not know about.
      Frightening and confusing the interlocutor, the scammer offers to "secure" his funds.
      To do this, you allegedly need to download a "support application", which is the AnyDesk or TeamViewer program.
      And only after receiving a unique connection code, you can see the logins, passwords, information about savings and funds on the card saved on your device.

            What should I do if the interlocutor, who introduced himself as a bank employee, asks me to install such a program?
      Real bank employees will never ask you to install this or that program.
      If the interlocutor, who introduced himself as a bank employee, insists that you download any program, most likely it is a scammer.
      You should not download the offered programs, and it is better to interrupt the telephone conversation and block the contact.

            What if I have already downloaded the remote access software?
      If you have already downloaded the program, but do not dictate a unique connection code to your interlocutor, then in no case do this. End the conversation as quickly as possible.
       If you have already dictated the code, then terminate the session by disconnecting the devices. It is possible that the scammer will not have time to get hold of your data.
      Next, be sure to remove the remote access program from your computer or phone.
      Be sure to show the device to an IT specialist to make sure that there is no spyware.

            Can scammers gain access to my banking application without my participation?
      No. The bank develops its application in such a way that it is as secure as possible. It is almost impossible to hack it.
      In order for an unauthorized person to gain access to someone else's online banking, a fraudster will need the assistance of a card or account owner.
      Usually this is a request to dictate connection codes, CVV codes, SMS codes and passwords.

            Main Security Rule
      Do not forget that real bank employees do not request such information.
      In no case should you disclose your passwords and codes to third parties.
      By following these rules, you can easily recognize phone scammers and not fall for their bait.

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