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Consumer loans are issued to individuals to residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan to pay for consumer goods (services) produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, by transferring funds from the Customer's loan account to the bank account of the manufacturing enterprise or organization that sells consumer goods (services), namely:

• household and consumer goods;
• Appliances;
• computers and office equipment;
• furniture;
• air tickets and tourist tours;
• medical services;
• for weddings;
• other goods and services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Advantages of lending in PJSCB DAVR BANK:

  • a wide range of lending conditions with favorable interest rates, convenient terms, with initial payment and without down payment;
  • the absence of commissions for making payments to repay the loan, for early full and / or partial repayment of the loan in the branches of the bank;
  • it is possible to consider the issue of a co-borrower if your income is not enough to get a loan;
  • the formation of initial contributions, principal and interest on the loan can be carried out not only in cash but also through payment from the borrower's deposit account, as well as using plastic cards.


Package of necessary documents for obtaining a loan:

  • an identity document of the borrower;
  • documents on the export of credit;
  • certificate of income and the amount withheld for the last 12 months, indicating the INPS;
  • if necessary, a guarantor: a copy of the guarantor's passport and a certificate of income and deductions for the last 12 months indicating the INPS.