International money transfers

In the modern pace of life, every minute is dear, but our dear ones, who are several thousand miles away from us, need our attention and care. In the offices of the PJSCB «DAVR BANK» you can make the following international money transfers in a matter of seconds, choosing the most optimal option for you.


Sending and receiving money transfers is now possible in the national currency.

Basic requirements for money transfer operations:

When sending:

A document proving your identity;
Name and surname of the recipient (sometimes additional information is required about the recipient);
The country of the recipient.

When receiving:

A document proving your identity;
Control number of the transfer;
Sender's name and surname;
The country of the sender;
Expected amount.
To choose the most acceptable and profitable type of money transfer depending on the direction of transfer, the amount of transfer, the urgency of its implementation, and the amount of commission for sending a transfer, you can contact any branch of the bank where you can use these services for the following systems of international money transfers:

Below is a list of money transfer systems connected to the Bank:


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«Zolotaya Korona» guarantees:

  • The most convenient network of points of sending and receiving transfers;
  • Speed of transfer - it can be received in one second after sending;
  • Addresslessness - when you make a transfer, you only need to specify the country and city where the transfer is sent. The recipient himself can choose the most convenient point of issue for him;
  • Low tariffs for transfers in the CIS and Russia - 1%;  

Get a card to send money transfers

The Money Transfer card is issued once and stores information about you as the sender of the transfer and about your relatives - the recipients of the transfers. After receiving the card:

You no longer need to fill out a paper application for sending a transfer

You just pass on your passport, Card and money for transfer to the bank employee.

A bank employee within a few minutes makes out a transfer and returns you a passport, a card and a check with the transfer number that you need to notify the recipient. Translation completed. It can be received.

How to send money

To send a transfer, you only need a passport and money.
To date, more than 34,000 system points in Russia and the CIS countries have been sent to senders. You can send in the offices of partner banks.

If you are the first time sending a money transfer via the "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfer" system, you will be offered to issue a Money Transfer Card. All the necessary data about the sender and possible recipients are entered into the database once, saving you the following requests from the procedure for filling out special forms. The service time for the Money Transfer Card is about 3 minutes. And the speed of translation is instantaneous! When sending a transfer through the system "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers" you do not even need to specify the exact address of the recipient's residence - just specify the city only. The recipient can choose at which point it is more convenient for him to receive money.

The recipient is notified that he was sent money and is relieved of the need to remember or write down the number of the transfer, which will be issued.

How to get it?

To receive a transfer, only this number and an identity document will be required. You do not need to specify the transfer amount on receipt.

For the recipient, the "Zolotaya Korona" transfers are always free, the cost of the service is paid by the sender.

Remember that the transfer period in the system is 60 days. After the expiration of this period, the sender needs to contact the bank point where the transfer was made


Since March 2012, MoneyGram money transfer system has been launched in the DAVR BANK system, which has more than 303,000 service points in 190 countries.
Transfers are made both to residents and non-residents, while at the latter's request, those who have the right to freely dispose of the account are also able to transfer money outside the Republic of Uzbekistan on their behalf.

In accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank, the maximum amount of transfer from the Republic of Uzbekistan to residents is $ 5000 per day, for non-residents in accordance with the rules of the MoneyGram system, the maximum transfer amount cannot exceed $ 10,000, while in some countries for non-residents there are Restrictions on the maximum amount of payment received transfer.

The time for the transfer is 10 minutes.


From the countries of Central Asia to Russia, Georgia, the CIS countries and Israel

Amount of transfer, US dollars Commission, US dollars
1,00 - 100,00 2
100,01 - 200,00 4
200,01 - 300,00 6
300,01 - 400,00 8
400,01 - 500,00 10
500,01 - 600,00 12
600,01 - 700,00 14
700,01 - 800,00 16
800,01 - 900,00 18
900,01 - 1 000,00 20
1 000,01 - 2 000,00 35
2 000,01 - 3 000,00 50
3 000,01 - 4 000,00 70
4 000,01 – 10 000,00 100


Tariffs for sending money transfers "Western Union" (in US dollars)


Tariffs for departure
Western Union remittances from the Republic of Uzbekistan to the CIS countries
(In US dollars)
Tariffs for sending money
Transfers "Western Union" from the Republic of Uzbekistan to other countries
(in US dollars)
100,00 или менее 6.00 50,00 или менее 13.00
100,01-200,00 9.00 50,01-100,00 15.00
200,01-300,00 14.00 100,01-200,00 22.00
300,01-400,00 19.00 200,01-300,00 29.00
400,01-500,00 24.00 300,01-400,00 34.00
500,01-750,00 29.00 400,01-500,00 40.00
750,01-1000,00 37.00 500,01-750,00 45.00
1000,01-1500,00 53.00 750,01-1000,00 50.00
1500,01-2000,00 69.00 1000,01-1500,00 75.00
2000,01-2500,00 89.00 1500,01-1750,00 80.00
2500,01-3000,00 109.00 1750,01-2000,00 90.00
3000,01-3500,00 129.,00 2000,01-2500,00 110.00
    2500,01-3000,00 120.00
    3000,01-3500,00 140.00

The CIS countries are: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

For sending amounts over 3500.00 US dollars in each subsequent interval in the amount of 500.00 US dollars, for payment for sending a transfer, 20.00 USD are added.