Plastic cards

"Sum plastic cards from PJSCB" DAVR BANK "

With bank plastic cards, you do not need to carry large amounts of cash with you. Do not worry if you lost your plastic card, restore it, and money will not be a problem.



 The agreement for opening a plastic card to individuals


 Application for loss of a plastic card

 ОФЕРТА для получения карты




Services list Cost
1.1. Issue of a plastic card as part of a paid project free
1.2. Issue of a plastic card outside the scope of the paid project 25000 sum
1.3. Reissue in case of technical malfunction, loss of plastic card, / additional card 25000 sum
1.4. Cash withdrawal from ATMs issued by PJSCB "DAVR BANK" up to 1%
1.5. Cash withdrawal from ATMs issued by other banks up to 1%
1.6. Unlocking a plastic card free
1.7 Issuance of a certificate of the transactions made on a plastic card and / or a special sum card account (hereinafter referred to as "SSC") 16000 sum
1.8. Issue of an additional plastic card (at the request of the client) 25000 sum
1.9. Inserting a plastic card into the "Stop sheet" free
1.10. Non-cash transfer from a plastic card (regardless of its issuer) of taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget and state extra-budgetary funds free
1.11 Replenishment of the cash management system of a physical person in cash free
1.12 Replenishment of non-cash cash management system:  
A) Salary and equivalent payments (payments included in the wage fund) free
B) Material assistance (not included in the wage fund) free
C) Travel expenses, pensions, scholarships and benefits free
D) Return of the previously transferred funds from this account to the cash management system free