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PJSCB "DAVR BANK" offers for organizations - legal entities that have basic accounts in the "DAVR BANK", a system for calculating and paying wages with the help of bank cards. Payment of wages using bank cards is beneficial and convenient for organizations. The management gets rid of the need to maintain a complex procedure that is not related to the core business of the company, and all the advantages of a bank card are available to employees.


Corporate plastic cards are a new form of issuance of funds for the accountability of enterprise employees. Usually, several cards are issued, tied to one account of the enterprise. In this case, the enterprise can use its funds as necessary within the limits set on the card, without removing the entire amount in advance. For each enterprise card, the bank will provide full information about the flow of funds indicating the types of spending transactions.

The corporate card is convenient to use for the following expenses:

1. Expenses related to the main activity of the organization:

  • Purchase of goods, settlements with suppliers;
  • Payment of services related to the main activities of the company.

2. Komandirovochnye and hospitality:

  •  Payment in a restaurant;
  •  Purchase of tickets;
  •  Payment for hotel accommodation;
  •  Car rent;
  •  Receipt of per diem.

3. Economic and overhead costs:

  • Purchase of stationery, office equipment, software;
  • Shopping on the Internet (teaching materials, books, etc.);
  • Payment for accommodation at the hotel;
  • Payment of courier and other professional services;
  • Other economic expenses



Card of an individual entrepreneur

It is granted to individual entrepreneurs without forming a legal entity for mutual settlements (purchase of goods, payment of current expenses of an individual entrepreneur).

From the bank cards of an individual entrepreneur, only the following costs are allowed to be paid, directly related to its production, trade, services and works:

Purchases of raw materials and materials (including building materials), semi-finished products, accessories, equipment;
Communal payments (payments for heating, hot water, drinking water, sewerage, electricity, gas and garbage disposal);
Lease payments;
Taxes and other obligatory payments;
For goods purchased by individual entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade, for the purpose of selling them to the population for cash;
For the payment of other expenses related to current activities.

Issue of the main / additional card with a validity of 5 years 25000 sum
Reissue in case of loss / damage to the main / additional card 25000 sum
Inserting a plastic card into the "Stop sheet" free
Transit account service 1%



1. Written appeal;
2. Certificate of state registration of the Enterprise / Organization;
3. Copy of the order on appointment of the responsible employee for the use of the corporate card;
4. Copy of the contract on liability of the prisoner between the responsible employee and the Enterprise / organization;
5. Copy of the passport responsible for the corporate card;
6.Conclude an agreement on the use of a corporate bank card;
7.Trust in the name of the responsible employee to receive a corporate card;


PJSCB "DAVR BANK" offers for organizations having basic settlement accounts to realize with us a Salary project. The bank will open plastic cards for your employees, without charging commissions.

You need to conclude an agreement with the Bank on the implementation of the salary project, provide the relevant documents for the opening of plastic cards, for the transfer of wages and equal payments to it. Employees of the Bank will perform all necessary procedures and your employees can use UZKART plastic plastic cards.

The interbank payment system "UZKART" is a local payment system, the basic element of which are microprocessor plastic cards based on a set of legal norms, normative documents, software and technical solutions and the corresponding organizational and technical infrastructure designed to carry out non-cash payments in electronic form, a unified system of banks that emit microprocessor bank cards and serve sellers of goods (works, services), a settlement bank, and also a processing organization.


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