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PJSCB "DAVR BANK" provides lending to individual.

entrepreneurs without formation of a legal entity and enterprises, regardless of the form

property, industry or size.


A special type of financial lease in which one party (the lessor) on behalf of the other party (the lessee) acquires property (the leased asset) from the third party (the seller) in possession and provides it to the lessee for a fee under the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract for possession and use for a period exceeding twelve months.


The amount of leasing - depends on the financial condition of the potential lessee, the volume of its business and the source of repayment of leasing, subject to restrictions for banks established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
LEASING DURATION - not less than 80% of the service life of the leasing object. At the same time, the service life of the leasing object is calculated on the basis of depreciation rates for fixed assets established in part three of article 144 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan
INTEREST RATE * - depending on the term of LEASING.
- management fee in the amount of 0.5% of the amount of the leasing transaction or the value of the leased asset;
 commission charged at the rate of the interest rate on leasing in the period from the date of payment by the Bank for the object of leasing up to the date of the act of acceptance and transfer of the object
leasing from the Bank to the Lessee.
* There are no additional hidden charges and fees to the Bank on leasing.
Repayment of interest and amount of leasing - monthly or an individual schedule is established in accordance with the peculiarities of the financial and economic activities of the potential Lessee. Interest is charged on the actual balance of arrears for leasing.
PREMATURE REPAYMENT - is allowed, but not earlier than 12 months from the date of the act of acceptance - transfer of the leased object from the Bank to the Lessee, no penalties or commissions for early repayment are collected.
ADDITIONAL SECURITY ON LEASING - security can be pledge of property, including personal and third parties - both legal entities and individuals:
· the property;
· Motor transport;
· Deposit in foreign currency;
· Special equipment;
· Other liquid assets.
· From 36% - depends on the object of leasing;
· 0% - if there is an additional security


Microleasing - Leasing, provided in accordance with the legislation on leasing, for the implementation of entrepreneurial activities, not exceeding two thousand times the minimum wage (from 01.10.2016 - 299 550 000.00 sum)

Leasing objects

  • equipment for various purposes
  • freight motor transport
  • motor transport
  • special equipment for various purposes
  • trailers and semitrailers
  • other property used for business purposes

The implementation of leasing with the intention to use the leasing object for the purpose of creating gambling houses and billiards is not allowed. Objects of leasing can not be land plots and other natural objects, as well as other property withdrawn from circulation or limitedly negotiable.

The subjects of leasing are the lessor, the lessee and the seller.

The form of leasing can be carried out both in a direct form, in which all three subjects of leasing are present, and in a return form, in which the lessee and the seller act in one person





The main requirements for a potential lessee


An individual entrepreneur without the formation of a legal entity or a small or large business enterprise is a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Availability of a profitable business.
Presence of the main deposit account on demand in PJSCB "DAVRBANK"
Own participation in the project is not less than 20 percent.
A positive credit history is welcome.
The term of work and official registration of business is not less than 12 months.
With enterprises operating at a loss, having an illiquid balance sheet, leasing operations are not carried out.


Other possible costs for obtaining a loan


Expenses for insurance of the object of leasing and the subject of pledge in accordance with the tariffs of the insurance organization
Expenses for the valuation of the object of the leasing object and the subject of the pledge in accordance with the tariffs of the independent appraisal organization.
Expenses related to the design of the leased asset and security for leasing: the costs of paying the state fee, the costs of notarial certification of documents, as well as the costs of processing other documents, in accordance with the tariffs of authorized bodies.