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Types of loans:

  • Loan for investment purposes
  • Loan for replenishment of circulating assets
  • Loans for small business development
  • Loans purchase for vehicles and special equipment
  • Loans for any kind of development of the private and private sector

Bank guarantee

By maturity:

Short-term loans

Short-term loans are issued for the following purposes for a period of up to 12 months:

  • to purchase raw materials and materials;
  • seasonal and other temporary stocks of goods and materials;
  • seasonal costs associated with the production and procurement of products;
  • expenses for the preparation of new production facilities and the development of new types of products (including commissioning), as well as the costs of operations in excess of available own circulating assets for this purpose;
  • improvement of production technology, increase in production of goods, release of new products, improvement of quality, reliability and durability of products:
  • to expand activities;
  • settlements with suppliers of products, other needs related to settlements;
  • temporary replenishment of the deficit of own circulating assets of enterprises and organizations in cases provided for by the current legislation with a view to ensuring uninterrupted financing of lending to the customer in the temporary absence of sources of financing;

In order to create conditions for effective activity of homeowners 'associations, to improve the quality of services provided, to increase collective responsibility for the completeness and timeliness of payments for utilities, the branches provide long-term loans to homeowners' associations for the acquisition of material and technical resources, equipment and inventory necessary for the current and major overhaul.

The payment for the use of the bank's loan is established in the amount not exceeding the current refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Long-term crediting

Loans for financing investment projects can be issued for the following purposes for a period of 1 year or more, but not more than the payback period of the project: purchase of equipment, development and expansion of own production, as well as mini-technologies and compact equipment for agriculture and other types of entrepreneurial activities related to the production of consumer goods and services.

The necessary documents for consideration of investment projects are:

  • Application for a loan;
  • Copy of the Charter and the Memorandum of Association (notarized);
  • Business plan with mandatory indication of cash flow analysis;
  • The accounting report of the enterprise for the last 3 years, confirmed by the tax inspection;
  • Contract for the supply (equipment, raw materials and materials, for the sale of manufactured products;
  • Confirming document for real estate for production or lease;
  • Technical passports of the acquired equipment, competitive list;

One type of security can be:

  • pledge of property
  • deposits in national and foreign currencies;
  • bail of third parties;
  • funds in the client's foreign currency account;
  • insurance policies for the insurance of the risk of non-repayment by the loan borrower of insurance companies.

The main conditions for issuing a loan for financing investment projects are:

  • The issuance of a loan for the financing of investment projects provides for the main cash flow and project revenues as a means of repaying the debt;
  • Loans for financing investment projects are issued in national currency in non-cash form;
  • Financing of investment projects is carried out only to residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

The period of use of the loan is determined depending on the payback of the project.

The interest rate for projects is established by mutual agreement on the basis of a loan agreement.

Repayment of the loan and interest on it is carried out on the basis of the repayment schedule developed taking into account the predicted cash flow.

The Bank also participates in syndicated lending to major investment projects. In addition, the Bank provides guarantees and sureties.

Lending is carried out on the basis of an analysis of the financial condition of the borrower and the degree of risk of non-repayment of the loan.

Crediting of business entities is carried out by the Bank's branches in accordance with the Bank's Credit Policy on terms of repayment, payment, security, urgency and targeted use of the allocated loans.

Crediting of all borrowers, regardless of their forms of ownership, is carried out on a contractual basis.

Used loan instruments:

  • Loan without opening a credit line;
  • Revolving credit line;
  • Leasing;
  • Guarantee and / or Guarantee;

One of the priorities of the Bank is lending to small businesses. PJSCB "DAVR BANK" offers various types of loans for businesses and individual entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to successfully perform various business tasks.

We are interested in cooperation with reliable borrowers, therefore, organizations that want to use the Bank's credit products are subject to certain requirements:

Lending terms:

  • Experience of successful production and economic activities of the borrower and its managers in the market;
  • A stable financial position, including a profitable and liquid balance;
  • Positive credit history;
  • Stable cash receipts to current accounts;
  • Orientation to long-term business development with the Bank;
  • Open settlement account in PJSCB "DAVR BANK";
  • The interest rate is set depending on the characteristics of the loan project, the type of loan product, the term and currency of the loan.

Advantage of lending in PJSCB "DAVR BANK":

  • Individual approach to each client allows the Bank to offer loans on the most favorable terms for clients.
  • Competitive interest rate. The interest rate for the use of credit funds is determined based on market conditions and financial condition of the borrower. Interest is accrued on the actual balance of loan debt, which allows customers to avoid additional costs;
  • Operative review of the loan application;
  • Possibility to provide an individual loan repayment schedule;
  • The possibility of granting a grace period for the payment of principal debt;
  • The possibility of lowering the interest rate for customers with a positive credit history in any bank;
  • For the convenience of customers, each transaction is fully accompanied by a personal manager who provides professional advice on all services.

How to get a loan:

1. Contact the nearest branch of the bank "DAVR BANK" for consultations on granting a loan.

2. Show the credit expert your project and discuss with him mutually acceptable terms of the loan.

3. Provide the necessary package of documents to the Bank.

4. After the positive decision of the Bank, the credit expert will consult you on the preparation of the necessary documentation.

5. Sign the loan agreement.

6. Get a loan and develop your business together with "DAVR BANK"!