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SMS banking

PJSCB "DAVR BANK" provides a service - SMS banking. This is an SMS notification for your business. The service will allow you to promptly receive information about the receipt and write-off of funds from the account. Information about the transactions will be received on your mobile number in the form of SMS notifications.

The fee for the service is 5,000 UZS per month for each number.

What are the main advantages of the service?

  • Constant control over the account;
  • Convenience and ease of use;
  • individual setting for each user of the system, SMS notification;
  • Available on any device that has the function of receiving SMS;
  • The service works with all cellular operators of Uzbekistan.


How to activate the service?

  • Fill out the application for connection, please confirm with the head and the chief accountant, put a seal.
  • Submit an application to the branch of the PJSCB »DAVR BANK» and get a contract to connect to the SMS notification system.
  • the service will be connected within 3 banking days.

After connecting to the SMS-notification service, the customer is provided with the "User's SMS information memo".