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Mission of the bank

The mission of PJSCB "DAVR BANK" is to achieve a stable position in the banking services market as a universal and stable financial institution.

Our goal is to remain stable, always be a reliable partner, carefully planning future activities in the interests of our clients.

Good Name

We cherish our good name, which we deserve over the years of hard work. Our clients know: PJSCB "DAVR BANK" is reliability and decency. We appreciate this attitude and understand that a good name is our capital. We are sure that money management should be ethical, and the money itself should work for creative purposes.


We strive to act with dignity in relation to ourselves and others. We offer clients, partners and investors transparent terms of cooperation.

Reliable customer relations

We create long-term relationships with customers and will do everything necessary to ensure that the person who came to the bank became our regular customer and recommended us to his friends, acquaintances, partners. We take care of the client's trust and try to justify it.

Team spirit

Our team is a single living organism. Our relations are based on mutual respect, mutual assistance and support. Our employee is a person who consciously and honestly fulfills his obligations, works with maximum efficiency. It is interesting for us to solve complex problems together and achieve outstanding results.