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Loans for corporate clients

Purpoce of the Loan:  To purchase fixed assets;
To cover the costs associated with the delivery and installation of fixed assets, in particular insurance payments, payments related to registration, transportation and other expenses;
For construction and reconstruction;
Expansion of fixed assets, in particular for providing infrastructure facilities;
For other purposes in the order established by the Legislation.
Requirements for the borrower: Economic entities, formed in accordance with the established procedure and term by the Statutory Fund, operating without loss
Currency of the Loan: In national currency and in US dollars
Amount of the Loan: Depends on the financial condition of the potential borrower, the volume of his business and the source of loan repayment
Term of the Loan: To replenish working capital - up to 18 months;
For other purposes - up to 60 months.
Mode of providing tha Loan: In non-cash form.
Interest rate of the loan: It is installed on a contractual basis.
Forms of loan repayment: Annuity (equal payments) or other forms depending on the project.
Securing the loan: Deposits in national and foreign currency;
Movable and immovable property;
Guarantee of banks and insurance companies;
Guarantees of 3 persons
Other liquid assets
List of necessary documents for obtaining a loan: The loan application, indicating the purpose of obtaining a loan, amount and term, which indicates the type of collateral;
Copy of the Articles of Association and constituent documents;
Copy of the certificate of a legal entity registered by local authorities;
Copy of the license (if the activity requires);
The decision of the relevant authorized body of the client to obtain a loan;
Business plan with mandatory indication of the cash flow forecast;
Financial statements (balance sheet (form-1), financial results report (form-2), certificate of receivables and payables (form-2a), certificates of reconciliations on accounts receivable and accounts payable for more than 90 days, cash flow statement form-4) with comments);
Documents related to security;
Other documents as required by the bank.