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Property for leasing / reverse leasing



Leasing receiver 

- Legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who services on the main deposit account on demand at the Bank's branches;

- availability of a profitable business;

- availability of a positive credit history (in case of a loan)

- the term of work and official registration of business is not less than 6 months;

- enterprises that operate unprofitable, have an illiquid balance sheet, are not subject to credit;

Form of providing leasing

It can be carried out both in a direct form, in which all three subjects of leasing are present, and in a return form, in which the lessee and the seller act in one person

Maximum amount

Depends on the financial condition of the potential borrower, the volume of his business and the source of loan repayment

Currency of Loan

National currency of Uzbekistan – UZS

Loan period

up to 60 months

Exeption period

Not more than 6 months

Interest rate

By the agreement of aspects

Guarantee security

125% of the amount of the leasing object.

Special conditions

In the case of the participation of the client by own means not less than 30% of the value of the leased asset, no additional collateral is required

Required documents for obtaining leasing:














Субъекты малого бизнеса с образованием юридического лица с заявкой на получение кредита должны предоставить следующие документы:

- Copies of the Articles of Association and constituent documents;

- A copy of the certificate of a legal entity registered by local authorities;

- A copy of the license (if the activity requires);

- Financial statements (balance sheet, statement of financial results, certificate of accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as reconciliation reports for arrears of more than 90 days) for the last reporting period;

- Business plan with mandatory indication of the purpose, term and amount of the loan, cash flow forecast;

- Documents related to security;

- Other documents as required by the bank.