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Internet banking is a service that allows you to manage your bank accounts without visiting the bank.

This service is designed for those customers who want to save time and send payments from their workplace.

With the "Internet banking" system, bank customers can manage their accounts from anywhere in the world. PJSCB "DAVR BANK" provides its clients - legal entities with this opportunity. The system "Internet banking" is developed on Internet technologies. To work with it, clients only need to have access to the Internet.

With this system, you can:

  • Transfer money from your account to any other account in any bank;
  • Receive information about movements on their accounts;
  • Get account statements;
  • Keep track of the balances on your accounts;
  • Maintain an archive of payment documents sent to the Bank;
  • Receive reports on the status and movement of funds on the account;
  • Carry out utility payments (electricity, gas, telephone, heat, etc.);
  • Pay bills for communication (IP-telephony, cellular and paging, Internet) and any other services;

Advantages of Internet banking:

  • ease of use - there is no need to have any particular knowledge or skills to manage your accounts via the Internet;
  • efficiency - mutual settlements between the client and the bank are carried out in real time. You can track all stages of processing payment documents in the bank on your computer screen. Information on payments is updated several times a day as it arrives at the bank;
  • Convenience is the simplicity of the procedure for connecting to Internet banking (it is necessary only to have a bank account in our bank, the agreement "On servicing in the Internet banking system" and the electronic key). The ability to receive and make payments to any counterparty, regardless of whether it is connected to Internet banking or not. Possibility not to be afraid of mistakes while filling out payment orders. The system carefully monitors the correctness of document filling and indicates errors;
  • confidentiality - the protection of transmitted information from unauthorized access is ensured by encryption using the SSL protocol of the international cryptography format. The contacting parties use electronic digital signatures (EDS); The identification system guarantees the authenticity of the parties conducting the operation;
  • the possibility of control - all stages of electronic document management are documented (reports on operations performed, account statements, receipts, confirming payments and other documents). Electronic documents certified by the EDS of the parties have legal force on an equal basis with paper documents certified by signatures of the parties and the seal.

To connect the Internet banking service you need:

  1. Have a personal computer connected to the Internet.
  2.  Enter into a service agreement.
  3.  During the 1st banking day after the conclusion of the contract, you will receive an "Electronic key", which you can get from the corporate customer service supervisor.
  4. Download the distribution package of the program "Internet Bank" and, following the instructions, install it on a personal computer.
  5. If you are having trouble, download and study the detailed description of the installation process.


PJSCB "DAVR BANK" guarantees the confidentiality of customer transactions. Clients are connected to the system using a special electronic key. Clients connected again are provided with free training to work with the system.


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