Money transfers

       International money transfers

In the modern pace of life, every minute is precious, but our loved ones, who are several thousand kilometers away from us and need our attention and care, are also dear. In the branches of PJSCB "DAVR BANK" you can make the following international money transfers in a matter of seconds, choosing the most optimal option for you.

Working hours: From Monday - Friday - 09:00-17: 00

We inform you that you need to check the accuracy of the information provided by the bank on foreign currency accounts and funds of clients in the status of an individual by calling the bank's trusted phone number 1284.

Requirements for money transfer transactions:

       When sending:

    -   Your identity document;
    -   The name and surname of the recipient (sometimes additional information about the recipient is needed);
    -   Recipient country.

Upon receipt:

    -   Your identity document;
    -   Control number of the transfer;
    -   Full name of the sender;
    -   Sender country;
    -   Expected amount.

To choose the most acceptable and profitable type of money transfer, you can contact any branch of the bank, where you can use the international money transfer systems.

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