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Where can I get a Davr Bank plastic card?

You can apply for a Davr Bank plastic card online through our website or by visiting any bank branch.

How to start using a plastic card?

Once you receive your plastic card, activate it by following the instructions in the delivery letter. You can then set up a PIN in the Davr Mobile app or through an ATM.

Can a client perform credit reconciliation through the Davr Mobile app?

Yes, of course it can when you enter the application number or loan ID number.

What is a debit card?

A debit card is a bank card associated with your account, allowing you to make transactions up to an amount not exceeding your account balance.

How to receive notifications about card transactions?

To receive alerts, activate the SMS notification service in the Davr Mobile application or in your personal account on the bank's website.

Can a client receive a microloan even if he does not have an official job or income?

Of course, our clients can receive a microloan of up to 50,000,000 soums even if they do not have an official income. However, to receive a loan for such an amount, you must provide collateral.

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